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PAIN RELIEF .... done differently

At Acorn Natural Health Centre
On Wed 3rd April 2024
From 10.30am To 12.30am

Your pain is real! But did you know, you can use the Power of your Brain to reduce your Pain.
Acorn Natural Health Centre
Acorn Natural Health Centre
Market Place
DE75 7AA
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Your pain is real! But did you know, you can use the Power of your Brain to reduce your Pain. That doesn't mean that your pain is "all in your head" - far from it! In this monthly class, I am going to introduce you to pain from a different perspective.I'll show you how to use the power of your Brain-Mind-Body connection to help you feel more at ease, relaxed, and at peace in your body. I'll share with you some effective techniques you can try for yourself in class, as a group, then practice at home as part of your own self-care regime. Sounds interesting? Read on!

Natural Health Self-Help Class @ Acorn Natural Health Centre, Heanor Market Place, DE75 7AA

The entrance to Acorn is between Birds the Bakers and TimeWarp. The Studio we'll be using is at the top of a flight of stairs; there is a handrail but unfortunately there is not a chair lift available.

Since each person's experience of pain is unique to them, individual results may vary.   Is yours a stabbing pain? Is it a dull ache? Does it recur at certain times of year or in certain weather? Does it wear off when you move? Does it get worse when you move? See what I mean?


I'll have a specific focus on the muscular/skeletal system for this class ( most commonly being neck and lower back/sciatic pain )for this class. 

It is suitable for:

* People who are doing their best to manage their pain and get on with life
* People who want to take responsibility for their own health.
* People who feel stuck and frustrated by their symptoms
*People who are willing to try something different to get something different

How about DIGESTIVE DISCOMFORT .. not Backs or Bones?

If your pain is not muscular/skeletal in origin (i.e your digestive system, reproductive system, etc) this will be addressed in a separate series of classes in person and/or online. If this interests you, please contact the organiser to Register your Interest and you'll be among the first to hear when those classes are announced.

How much does it cost? £15 for one 2 hour class.
(Bring a Friend and get 2 tickets for £26)

How often? Depending on demand, it'll happen on the first Wednesday of the month .. so you can practice what you've learnt between classes, learn different techniques over time, AND take part in some fun and exciting group-healing experiences too! 

Actions to take BEFORE the class:
Buy your ticket in advance to guarantee a place in the class.

Visit my website's Event Page with Ticketing Options by clicking here: PAIN_RELIEF_done_differently
If you prefer to pay cash on arrival, please RSVP direct to the organiser to REGISTER YOUR INTEREST.

Many thanks!
Stay well

Eileen is an Holistic Therapist with more than 14 years experience in Massage Therapy, Meridian Energy Therapy, and Usui Reiiki. She has a Meditation Teacher Diploma and is a Certified Quantum-Touch Energy Healing Instructor. She is also a Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach specialising in Musculo-Skeletal Pain, IBS and Health Anxiety.

During this series of classes, Eileen will be sharing a fusion of complimentary health techniques with you that have successfully helped clients in her practice.  Since each client case is unique, individual results may vary.

Disclaimer: Eileen will not make any diagnosis and will purely share techniques that she has found helpful for herself and for her clients but in no way claims to heal or cure any illness or disease and is purely a recommendation of extra choices that people may wish to try.  You should always consult with your GP or other health professional for a formal diagnosis and consult with them if you are on pain relief medication and find yourself wishing to review your prescription.


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